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BMW Championship


Standing out from competitors, particularly in the competitive sporting world, is crucial for enhancing your brand's reputation. The BMW Championship team aimed to achieve this by crafting a unique collection of video packaging that would captivate the golfing audience, aligning perfectly with the event's glamour and the brand's prestigious image.


The BMW Championships is a prestigious golf tournament, eagerly awaited by golf enthusiasts, known for its luxury and exclusivity. This year, the BMW Championship team used Presentational Video Boxes to showcase the tournament's opulence, offering VIP tickets and exclusive merchandise for an extravagant pre-event experience.

The use of Presentational Video Boxes aligns perfectly with the tournament's commitment to providing a lavish and immersive experience. Beyond showcasing the tournament's visual splendor, these Video Boxes give recipients a taste of the VIP treatment awaiting them at the event, elevating their anticipation for the championship. As the BMW Championships continues to symbolize luxury and exclusivity, the choice to utilize Video Boxes underscores their dedication to delivering an extraordinary and unforgettable golfing spectacle.


Bespoke video boxes are gaining popularity as a means to provide an immersive storytelling experience, all delivered with the utmost luxury. Here are the details outlining how we brought the BMW box to life:

  • Internal Dimensions – 280x180x90mm
  • 7 Inch IPS Screen 
  • Auto Play
  • 258MB Memory 
  • USB Charging Port
  • Full Colour CMYK Print
  • Side Ribbon (white)

The Finer Details

Incorporating a USB charging point into the box ensures that recipients can fully utilize its features for as long as they desire, allowing them to immerse themselves in the captivating video content. This not only captures the essence of your message but also conveys the specific details about the BMW Championships. The addition of this charging feature enhances the box's longevity and conveys a sense of extra care and consideration for the recipients.

This thoughtful feature underscores the message you wish to convey while highlighting the significance of the BMW Championships, making it a memorable and enduring gesture of appreciation.

The End Result


The end result of this luxurious presentation box captured the attention of many and heightened the sense of excitement, especially among those who shared their unboxing experiences. In the lead-up to the BMW Championships, conversations and anticipation reached new heights, with the tournament's countdown generating more buzz than ever before.

The success of these video boxes emphasized the aesthetic delivery of digital experiences while ensuring that all the correct information was effectively communicated. Simultaneously, they brought the BMW Championship's vision to life, enhancing its high-end appeal. Additionally, these boxes served as a strategic marketing tool, encouraging the generation of user-generated content and amplifying awareness about the event as recipients enthusiastically shared their experiences.



The BMW Championship Video Packaging Project achieved new heights by delivering a rich and visually stunning experience that seamlessly combined magnificence with essential information. It showcased the limitless possibilities that promotional technology can offer, setting a new standard for engaging and informative presentations.


For more information on our video boxes or influencer packaging, contact us today on 01276 450220 or email sales@magellanworld.com.

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