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HERA x Rachel Daly


In today's digital age, the nuances of influencer marketing evolve rapidly. Understanding the importance of a distinctive brand presentation in this context, HERA, in collaboration with Rachel Daly, ventured to create a one-of-a-kind packaging experience that would captivate and resonate with their target audience.

Background And The Challenge

Renowned for its innovative approach to branding and marketing, HERA has consistently valued pioneering strategies. The recent partnership with influencer Rachel Daly, known for her impressive engagement metrics and extensive reach, was driven by a shared objective: to forge a dynamic fusion that encapsulated the essence of both brands and etched an unforgettable mark.

In a landscape saturated with influencer collaborations, HERA and Rachel Daly were determined to distinguish their partnership, cultivate authentic interactions, and ignite recipients' imaginations. Their solution lay in a revolutionary reinvention of the unboxing experience. The design inspiration drew from Rachel's tattoos, meticulously translating her identity into art; a lion emblem symbolising her fierce pride in England's women's football, delicate lilies as a nod to her mother's cherished flower, and a butterfly as an homage to her father's memory.




  1. Dimensions: Carefully chosen A4 dimensions with a 150mm depth provided ample space, creating an initial impression of generous content.
  2. Screen: The inclusion of a 7" HD screen turned the packaging from mere storage to a multi-sensory, interactive experience, presenting the brand's message in stunning clarity.
  3. Memory: 258MB of memory ensured that video quality wasn’t sacrificed, emphasizing the brand's commitment to delivering premium content.
  4. User Experience: The intuitive auto-play function eliminated any potential barriers to engagement, ensuring immediate immersion into the video narrative.
  5. Design Features: The chic black side ribbon and the matte-finished full-colour CMYK print combined to offer a tactile experience that was as luxurious as it was visually appealing.

Outcome and Broader Impact


The immediate and overwhelming positive reception was evident not just from direct feedback but also from the ripple effect seen on social media. Influencers reveled in the dual sensory experience, transitioning from the tangible luxury of the box to the immersive digital narrative.

Furthermore, the auto-play function ensured direct engagement with the central brand message, resulting in a deeper connection with the content and the collaboration's core objectives.




Beyond the primary recipients, the broader market took note. As influencers shared their unboxing moments, there was a noticeable uptick in mentions and engagement metrics, with both HERA and Rachel Daly receiving accolades for their innovative approach. Such organic amplification spoke volumes about the campaign's efficacy.

The success of this collaboration reinforced the belief that in an age of digital saturation, innovative amalgamations of tactile and digital experiences can create more profound and lasting connections. It sets a precedent, emphasizing that in the future, brands must think outside the conventional box, quite literally.



Through the HERA x Rachel Daly Custom Influencer Video Packaging project, the boundaries of influencer marketing were expanded. By offering a rich, multi-layered experience that combined the best of tactile luxury with digital storytelling, HERA underscored its position as a forward-thinking brand, all while showcasing the possibilities that arise when creativity meets technology.


For more information on our video boxes or influencer packaging, contact us today on 01276 450220 or email sales@magellanworld.com.

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