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Castelli Notebooks

Luxury Custom Castelli Branded Notebooks are the new and ecological way of promoting your brand.

Castelli have been crafting notebooks for over 50 years, with the Castelli family putting their life’s work into authenticity and attention to detail including environmental factors. Castelli provides luxurious notebooks, paying close eye to not just the finished product but the process in which everything is produced.

Below are several different types of beautifully handcrafted branded notebooks, each notebook has its own unique features all customisable to create your ideal promotional products.

Click each image to find out more information and the specifications for certain promotional products.

Custom Castelli Samoa Notebook


We understand the importance of producing products, creating sustainable items and using renewable sources wherever possible so, this is exactly what Castelli has provided and followed. Castelli take a positive stance on behalf of our customers, colleagues, the environment and the wider community and will always aim to limit, protect and restore our environmental impact.

All Castelli Notebooks contain FCS certified paper and accredit SEDEX, who support the empowerment of ethical supply chains.

Customising any Castelli Notebook or packaging, the branding options are all eco-friendly further encouraging eco minds through advertising and the perfect way to represent your brand.

Appeel Castelli Notebook

Our Appeell Castelli Notebook is made from recycled materials, bound in apple peel and vegetable fibres, soft touch, eco-leather material. The apple ivory tinted FSC certified paper is sourced from sustainable forests creating an eco friendly notebook.

This branded notebook is suitable for digital printing and blind embossing on the front cover to enhance marketing your brand, ideal for a promotional gift.

Custom Castelli Appeel Notebook
Custom Castelli Samoa Notebook

Samoa Castelli Notebook

The Samoa recycled paper cover goes further than many other recycled papers and is made from 100% recycled paper fibres.

The Samoa cover is a strong, durable, and dyed through paper cover, this durable cover can be decorated with digital print, blind and foil embossing branding techniques, with the finest details visible for exceptional promoting of your brand.

This is the perfect 100% eco-friendly gift whilst promoting your brand at the same time.

Phoenix Castelli Notebook

Our Phoenix Castelli Notebooks feature FSC® ecological paper sourced from sustainable forests.

This custom notebook displays luxurious gold page edges with a subtle grain cover.

This notebook offers the finer details including colour coordinating pen loop, vertical elastic band, real stitched borders and ribbon marker. 

We have many promotional options in a vast range of colours for this customised notebook to promote your brand.


Custom Castelli Phoenix Notebook
Custom Castelli Singer Notebook

Singer Castelli Notebook

This Castelli Notebook is fully recyclable from the cardboard cover down to the beautiful foiling which you can add your brand on the front and/or back cover. 

This custom printed notebook is such an environmentally friendly way to promote your brand and is the perfect gift which can be used everyday.

Pechino Castelli Notebook

With our Pechino Castelli Notebook, you can market your brand differently by not only printing your brand on our cover but you are able to use our state of the art digital edge printing technique to promote your brand across the edge of the luxury notebook.

Not just our FCS certified paper but all of the inks used for branding are eco-friendly!

Custom Pechino Castelli Notebook
Custom Orio Castelli Notebook

Orion Castelli Notebook

This is a fully recyclable Castelli Notebook accompanied with a colour coordinated cover and stitching across the spine.

This notebook consists of beautifully crafted corners, ivory colour FCS certified paper and includes an expandable pocket on the inside cover.

Choose our eco-friendly branding foil option!

Nature Castelli Notebook

This Castelli Notebook is 100% recyclable with ethically sourced FCS certified ivory paper and even the eco-friendly symbol that is on the back of every notebook.

This customisable notebook is ideal for promotional printing from blind embossing to digital printing in colour to promote and market your brand.

Custom Nature Castelli Notebook
Custom Castelli Appeel Notebook Giftset

Custom Appeel Castelli Notebook Gift-Set

We offer a gift set for our extraordinary Appeel Castelli Notebook!

The items included are:

  • Any colour Appeel Notebook
  • LED light up logos
  • Black presentation box
  • Front cover branding
  • Plain pen or pencil
  • Gift wrap tissue paper

These gift sets are a perfect way to market your brand as not only can the actual Appeel Notebook be customised with your own logo design but you can create; custom pens, custom pencils, branded gift box/presentation sleeve and your own branded tissue paper.

There are so many of these promotional notebooks, we have a range from our Ecological Notebooks, Samoa Recycled Notebooks, Appeel Notebooks, Digital Edge Notebooks, Ivory Notebooks, The White Collection, Bianco & Nero, Flexible Notebooks and Classic Notebooks.

All these options are great promotional products.

If you're interested in learning more about our eco-friendly Castelli notebooks, check out the products below!

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Sustainability - Castelli Notebooks


Sustainability Castelli are comitted to both sustainability and maintaining the environment.  Cast..

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