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Warner Music

Warner Music approached Magellan to manage their merchandise project for their artist, Elderbrook. Warner Music and Elderbrook were releasing a new album called “ Why do we shake in the cold?” and wanted to invite several VIPs and other guests to album release. The album release was held online and therefore Magellan was tasked with sending 50 individual packages to several addresses and ensuring that each parcel was consolidated correctly. Warner music has given the team very positive feedback and each guest was overjoyed with the parcel they received.

Magellan produced a luxury soft touch box that featured a magnetic closure. Each box had the text “Why do we shake in the cold?” printed on the inside of the lid and ELDERBROOK printed on the top of the lid, both logos were in white. Every box contained a branded miniature bottle of Jägermeister alongside a branded lighter. There was also a brand new Vinyl of the new album, a promotional leaflet and a branded hoodie. Magellan packaged each box and wrapped them in protective foam and placed them inside a bespoke mailer box.

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