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Avant Arte Wooden Boxes


As the marketing industry is fast paced and continuously finding new ways to promote businesses, presentation packaging is becoming increasingly popular. For this project, we worked with Avant Arte to create vespoke wooden boxes to hold their exctentric art sculptures.

The Background


Avant Arte, a global online art community, sought custom wooden presentation boxes to both protect and beautifully display their art sculptures. Their commitment to detail is signicant as it reflects their wok and these wooden boxes not only enhance their art but also reinforce a sense of elegance, protection and longevitity.

The wooden boxes are perfect for shipping the sculptures to art enthusiasts, and they also captivate those who encounter the sculptures at a product launch.

Product Details


To elevate the presentation, the following elements all contribute together to highlight the look of the wooden boxes: 

We offer these boxes tailored to the product you want to showcase. The Avant Arte boxes were produced in small, medium, and large sizes to accommodate the dimensions of the sculptures; on the outside, the boxes feature beautiful engravings which are customizable to align with your brand's image. All completed on high-quality wood. To finish off, the custom foam fitments maintain the sculptures' pristine quality.

Larry Bell Box (smallest) – 170x180x170mm

Zhang Uhan Box (medium) – 335x160x255mm

Fvck Render (biggest) – 520x520x177mm

The Foam Insert

For each of the three boxes, a bespoke foam insert was designed to enhance protection and reduce potential damage. These boxes housed art sculptures for Avant Arte. The foam comes with an added top layer for extra security, ensuring the sculptures stay firmly positioned. However, the main insert is already highly secure on its own.

For presentation boxes containing valuable items, we strongly recommend custom foam fittings to elevate and mirror your brand's luxury. Such as Avant Arte.

The Engraving 


In today’s competitive market, brand differentation is crucial. Recongisizing this, Avant Arte opted to feature three beautiful designs of engravings on each size box lid. Enhancing the premium feel of the art sculptures. Incorporating engravings into your wooden presentation packaging enables customers to easily identify and associate with your brand.

The engravings on the wood can be tailored to showcase your brands characteristics.

The Outcome

Ultimately, after considering various designs and materials, the boxes we settled on were crafted from quality wood. They were elegantly lined with a primary presentation foam inside and to enhance their appearance further, we had the logos engraved on the lid.

This combination not only added to the aesthetics but also ensured the contents were presented in the best possible manner. Bringing Avant Arte’s vision to life!

YouTube Video

If you want to learn more about these boxes, watch the YouTube video. Our MD Lee discusses our collaboration with Avant Arte to create three different presentation wooden boxes, each featuring beautiful engravings to showcase their brand image.

Lee also delves into the bespoke foam fitments implemented to protect the art sculptures being presented.



For more information on our presentation boxes, contact us today on 01276 450220 or email sales@magellanworld.com

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