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In the fast pace market of beverages and spirits, luxurious packaging plays a crucial role in elevating your brand's image and implimenting a premium touch. Discover how we transformed the Claxtons bottle into a symbol of luxury.

The Client 


Claxtons, an upmarket independent bottler, is situated in the heart of Scotland and has been a symbol of success since its establishment in 2019. Specializing in the bottling of whiskies and other spirits, the company goes beyond mere packaging by refining and enhancing the whisky through intricate cask maturation processes. Their Dalswinton Bond line is particularly notable for this approach.

When Claxtons wanted to do something captivating to showcase their latest upmarket whisky, they sought a presentation method that would complement the exclusivity and quality that their brand embodies. This is where we stepped in. We designed a Luxury Presentational Wooden Box, not just as a container, but as an extension of the Claxton brand itself, capturing the essence of luxury and refinement they represent



These features contribute to the high-end quality of the wooden box, perfectly aligning it with Claxton's brand image:

 – Recyclable Wood

 – Mahogany Wood Finish

 – Gold Foiling Logo

 – Engraved Logo on Sides

 – Custom Cut Out for Decanter

 – Magnetic Slide Out Top for Decanter

 – Dimensions: L175 x W80 x H200 mm

The Finer Details: The Magentic Closure 


To ensure the decanter of whisky is securely housed, we incorporated a custom cut-out at the bottom of the box where the decanter slots in. However, due to the box's frame-like design, we took additional measures for enhanced security.

A magnetic slide-out piece of wood serves as the main protective element. This feature not only maintains the luxurious aesthetic but also adds practicality by creating a safe environment for the glass decanter, minimizing the risk of damage. Importantly, this magnetic piece is designed to be removable but will not inadvertently fall out, offering a reliable safeguard for the valuable contents

The Finer Details: Gold Foiling

The gold foiling on the box serves as both a captivating visual element and a strategic aesthetic choice that complements the exclusivity of the whisky decanter. Set against the backdrop of rich mahogany wood, the gold foiling makes the 'Claxtons' logo stand out vividly. This eye-catching feature elevates the overall look and feel of the box, creating a synergy with the premium product it houses.

Opting for gold foiling is more than just an aesthetic decision; it's also a clever marketing strategy. The shimmering gold immediately draws consumer attention, effectively diverting it away from other products in the market. This is precisely why Claxtons wanted to incorporate this specific design element into the packaging. The gold foiling not only enhances the brand's visual appeal but also fortifies its competitive edge in a crowded marketplace.

The Outcome


The final product was stunning, perfectly embodying Claxton's vision down to the smallest details like gold foiling, intricate engravings, and the magnetic slide. The design not only complements Claxton's existing brand but more significantly, it enhances the allure of the whiskey decanter it encases. While emanating luxury, it also serves as a calculated marketing strategy to outshine competitors in the industry. Proving that luxury wooden presentation packaging is essential for a positive brand perception.

YouTube Video

If you're interested in learning more about this wooden packaging, be sure to watch our YouTube video. In the video, our MD Lee discusses our collaboration with Claxton's, an independent whiskey bottler in Scotland.

Lee highlights the key features of the box and explains how it was personalised for Claxton's, including the use of gold foiling and laser engraving. This customisation ensures that the packaging perfectly aligns with Claxton's brand image.


Incorporating wooden presentation packaging into your business operations can instantly elevate the appearance of your brand and newly launched products, infusing them with a sense of excitement for the recipients. While it adds a touch of luxury, it also functions as a calculated marketing strategy.


For more information on our wooden presentation packaging, contact us today on 01276 450220 or email sales@magellanworld.com

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