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New Balance x Bukayo Saka

New Balance x Bukayo Saka


In today's competitive landscape, especially in the world of sports, standing out is crucial. That's why introducing custom Acrylic Presentational Packaging can be a game-changer in setting yourself apart from the competition and that is exactly what New Balance did to portray their collaboration with Bukayo Saka.

Thye Background 

Renowned for his excellence in the sporting world, Bukayo Saka has teamed up to collaborate with New Balance, a creditable sports company, to create luxurious red boots. The red boots represent Saka's current premier league team, Arsenal, where he plays as a midfeidler. His acheivements stretch to playing for the england squad with his first debut at just 19 years old. A true inspiration.

Committed to spotlighting Bukayo Saka's remarkable abilities, New Balance is set on designing an upscale boot box for their Furon V7 Pro FG Bukayo Saka Signature Edition collaboration. The goal is to craft this special box as a gift for Saka, serving as the initial unveiling of the red boots he has personally designed. New Balance expressed a strong interest in using astro turf in the box's design to evoke a football theme, with a particular emphasis on integrating the colour red to match the boots.


All of these elements contributed together made New Balances vision come to life; creating a slick bespoke acrylic presentational box -

  • Rigid board cse and acrylic tray.
  • Internal dimensions: 230mm x 250mm x 140mm.
  • Acrylic tray color: Light smoked with silver.
  • ‘NB’ logo presented on all sides of the tray.
  • Diamond cut windows on 3 sides with turned edges.

The Acrylic Tray


For our collaboartion with New Balance on their project with Bukayo Saka, we incorporated an acrylic tray in the luxury boot box. To enhance the look, the acrylic tray was a light smoked colour giving it a professional feel; allowing for branding options. Another advantage of using an acylic tray is that it makes the box lighter, which is useful since it was designed to hold Saka’s latest boots. Lastly, the acrylic meant that you could see the eye-catching boots, against the black astro turf.

Furthermore, opting for an acrylic tray for your presentational  packaging is an effective strategy in grabbing your audience's attention, thanks to it’s visually stunning appearance. It also offers a more unique and intriguing alternative to more traditional options.

The Outcome


The end result was an Acrylic Presentational Box that perfectly met New Balance's specifications, skillfully blending form and function to spotlight Saka's latest collaboration. From the tasteful colour scheme to the diamond-shaped cut-out windows, every detail worked in unison to enhance the overall experience and aesthetics of the box.

The sucess of this collaboration reinforced Saka’s acheivements in football, at such a young age.

YouTube Video


To gain a deeper understanding of the New Balance x Bukayo Saka Acrylic Presentation Box and explore its intricate features, we cordially invite you to join us on our YouTube channel. There, our Managing Director, Lee, will take you on an enlightening journey, providing a comprehensive showcase and offering valuable insights into the essence of this exclusive collaboration.

We strongly encourage you not to miss this exceptional opportunity to delve into the finer details of this remarkable piece by tuning in to our channel. It's a unique chance to uncover the artistry and craftsmanship behind the New Balance x Bukayo Saka Acrylic Presentation Box and appreciate the dedication that went into creating this extraordinary fusion of design and functionality.



During the New Balance x Bukayo Saka Presentational Packaging project, we not only built a strong relationship with our clients but also provided round-the-clock support. By working together, we successfully delivered a unique experience that blended luxury with sport, concluding in a stunning project.


For more information on our presentational packaging, contact us today on 01276 450220 or email sales@magellanworld.com.

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