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Healthcare packaging is an integral part of our daily lives, ranging from medications and supplements to more complex items like surgical tools. Kalla recognised the importance of distinguishing their products in a satured market. Discover how we designed stunning packaging for their supplements and probiotics. 

The Client and Goal 


Trusted by many, Kalla is a renowned Swedish healthcare company, known for its scientifically-supported probiotics and supplements. They focus on areas such as hormone health, digestion, stress and mood management, immunity, and skin health. Eager to leave a lasting impression on their customers, Kalla wanted their packaging to reflect their commitment to a healthy lifestyle through the use of eco-friendly packaging. 

We helped Kalla in developing luxurious packaging solutions, including tubes, a slipcase and tray for liquid supplements, and mailer boxes. The mailer box, in particular, serves as an excellent tool for social media marketing. This bespoke packaging not only reflects Kalla’s dedication to quality but also enhances their brand presence. 

Tube Packaging


Kalla recently introduced  new capsule product line focused on hormone regulation and cycle syncing, opting for custom-branded butted tubes with rolled ends to ensure a clean aesthetic. These tubes, beneficial for their protection, hygiene dispensing, and versatility, were produced in three different sizes, with two sizes dedicated to the cycle syncing range. These tubes were elegantly designed, using soybean ink on 150gsm kraft paper. 

The packaging choices resonate with Kalla’s commitment to vegan and eco-friendly principles whilst the design and packaging not only enhances the visual appeal, but embodies Kalla’s core brand values. By opting for eco-conscious materials and methods, Kalla aims to meet customer satisfaction. 

Supplement Slip-Case & Mailer Box


Kalla designed luxurious slip-cases for their powder supplements, emphasising instant relief and immune health, with a dynamic design featuring a white silk pull ribbon for elegant product unveiling.

They chose two complementary designs, one in colour-printed ‘satogami’ and the other in ‘rust’, both on 81g uncoated paper. This enhances their brand image with white foil stamping and a debossed logo. 

Recognising the need for secure packaging, Kalla introduced branded mailer boxes with a removable cardboard fitment and a sticky tear-off strip to protect their high-end products during transit. This initiative highlights their commitment to maintaing the highest quality. 

The Outcome 

This luxurious packaging project for Kalla beautifully mirrors their products, brand, and repuation, through eco-friendly materials and soothing colours. The designs of the tubes, slip-cases, and mailer boxes were strategically selected for their aesthetic, making them ideal for showcasing social media as a key marketing tool. This visually appealing packagin not only underscores the premiu quality of Kalla’s healthcare items but also reflects their brand values. 

Our collaboration with Kalla has proven that healthcare packaging and products can be both luxurious and sustainable. This partnership, which we are honoured to have worked on, highlights our commitment to quality and environmetnal responsability. 


For more information on our healthcare packaging, contact us today on 01276 450220 or email sales@magellanworld.com.

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