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Custom Tubes FAQ

Is there a minimum order quantity for tubes?

500 units is the minimum order quantity, per size and design. 

Do I need to produce my own artwork for the tube?

Yes you do, what we will do is once we've established the finished dimensions of the tube you're looking for we will then create an artwork PDF template for you which we will then send to you. Then either yourself or your design department/creative agency can overlay your design onto that template. If it's reasonably straight forward then we can always help you out with that as well.

What is the delivery timeline?

With tubes they typically take 20 - 30 days from artwork approval, however dependant on your prefered shipping method timings may vary. We have the option to air freight, sea freight, and road freight. Air freight being the quicker option.

What’s the smallest and largest size I can have my tube?

The minimum internal diameter we can do is 20mm, the largest being 147mm. In regards to the height of the tube the tallest tube we can do is 1100mm and the shortest is 50mm. 

Is there a delivery charge?

Yes, there is a delivery charge, typically our delivery charge includes one UK mainland delivery and this will be included in your quote, if you need us to deliver to more than one address, or out of the UK then we can price this up for you.

What style of tubes are available?

There are 3 styles of tubes, butted tube being our most popular, single tube, and then telescopic tube. Check out the video to see how each tube looks.

What material options are there for tubes?

The standard tube material is card, which is typically recycled card paper.

What branding options and extras are available for tubes?

There are a variety of branding options including, spot UV, foil stamping, matt and gloss finish, uncoated finish and many more. 

Am I limited to what I can put inside the tubes?

Yes, and no. When thinking of what to put into your tube, you need to think about the weight of the product, the heavier the product the thicker the tube will need to be so that it will hold the product inside. Typcially there is no limit, but you just need to ensure the tube will hold the weight of the product.

Do you have tube samples?

Yes, we do. We have a range of tubes we have made here, which we can send out to you for you to see how your tubes could potentially look and feel. Typically we ask that you return the tubes to us or that you purchase the sample tubes so that you can keep them. 

Do you provide pre-production samples for tubes?

Yes, we always try to make sure we have time to produce a pre-production sample. This enables us to ensure the tube looks exactly how you want it to and that it fits the product you want to go inside. Typically once you’ve received this we will then have this approved and then go ahead with the full production of your tubes.

Can you deliver worldwide?

Yes, we can. We can deliver worldwide to multiple locations. Cost will depend on the locations, amount, and the chosen delivery method.

Are the tubes recyclable?

 Our tubes are recyclable being card tubes. However, we recommend going for uncoated paper as this is fully recyclable and also gives you an eco-friendly feel. Most of the matt laminated and gloss laminated papers are now more biodegradable but this isn’t as eco-friendly as the uncoated paper.

Can you fill or pack my tubes?

Yes, we can fill, pack and distribute your tubes, this does incur a fee, but it is something we can do for you.

Are your tubes food grade?

Not all of our tubes are food grade but we do supply food grade tubes.

What information do I need to give to get a quotation?

For a quotation we would require the following information: the quantity of tubes, the internal diameter, the internal height. If its a butted or telescopic tube, we would need to know how far down you want the lid to come. We require the external diameter and height of the item going inside the tube, ensuring the contens will fit. Print specification is also required.
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