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Ashfield Health

The Client

Ashfield Health, known for its high quality and many awards, works to make health better for everyone. Their goal is to change the healthcare industry for the better, positively affecting people's lives and making big improvements. By working with different companies and brands, they create new and efficient solutions that lead to important discoveries.

Ashfield Health is based on strong leadership and creativity. It is a dynamic and active player in healthcare marketing and communications. With a focus on innovation and working well together, Ashfield Health can handle the healthcare industry's challenges, breaking new ground and making significant advances.

The Target Market

The company's main goal is to attract a wide range of customers, including individuals from various backgrounds, different types of businesses, and people of all ages. This specific initiative focused on the company's employees, highlighting Ashfield Health's new project while also showing gratitude towards its staff. Each item in the box was carefully selected, with the brand ensuring that every piece was meaningful and served a particular purpose.

In this project, the emphasis was on recognizing the contributions of the company's employees. This gesture aimed to not only inform them about Ashfield Health's latest endeavor but also to express appreciation for their hard work. Ashfield Health chose each product included in the box, making sure that they were not only relevant but also conveyed a deeper significance, demonstrating the thoughtful approach behind the initiative.

The Challenge

We started with a comprehensive brief from the company, specifying what they needed. This led to multiple meetings with the company where we showcased a range of products that met their requirements. Once we had agreed on the products and their packaging, we initiated the manufacturing process.

During this stage, we kept in close contact with Ashfield Health, providing them with frequent updates on the progress of the items. Before moving into large-scale production, we created proofs for Ashfield Health to examine and approve, ensuring everything was up to their standards.

The End Result 

As employees unpacked the mailer box, they discovered a printed postcard at the top, offering an explanation of the items selected and the thinking behind their choice. The box was thoughtfully arranged with a custom insert that snugly contained a thermal cup and a Sheaffer pen, ensuring their safety and presentation.

Below this carefully arranged insert lay a notebook covered in PU material, with Ashfields logo. This notebook wasn't just any ordinary notebook; it was enhanced with pages specifically designed to align with their identity, providing a unique and personalized touch to the contents of the box.

YouTube Video

Check out our YouTube video for an in-depth view of the process behind our branded merchandise for Ashfield Health. Our Managing Director, Lee, unveils the creative ideas and planning involved in developing our products; he also highlights the bespoke boxes we utilise to ensure the items remain secure during transit. This video offers a glimpse into the attention to detail and high standards we maintain in our work, showcasing our commitment to excellence and innovation in every project we do. 

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