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Magellan provides a fully custom built online ordering system that takes away the pain of the day to day administration, just in time ordering and the hidden costs out of purchasing promotional merchandise and branded promotional clothing . Please continue to read below for further details on our systems.

Management Of your Products

Magellans ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) provides the perfect management system you need for your company, we allow complete control of ordering from who can access the online ordering system, to what items, value and quantity can be ordered, to how to pay, who to bill and everything is located in one place that can be accessed with one log-in- All the product information you need in one place.

Order Approval Process

We provide access to the online ordering for any employees with given restrictions that is set by you. If you allow a limited number of users at different sites the ability to order this can still cause issues- not anymore. With Magellan ERP system all online transactions are directed to a designated user for approval before they reach us. This offers a completely transparent purchasing and ordering process enabling management to see who, when and who has ordered what.

Reports Online

Magellan ERP fully online reporting ability can be programmed to your meet your companies or individual requirements. Any reports you require can be provided and will enable you to access any information on your stock and products required. The online system is capable of for live reporting- You can download reports whenever, this is perfect for those impromptu meetings and conferences

Online Ordering

The Magellan ERP promotional merchandise online ordering solution offers a quick and efficient, central ordering hub for all promotional merchandise, printed literature and other company and in-store items . Our systems allows users to place orders round the clock giving multiple offices located within the UK and the rest of the world, giving a multinational organization to centralises their purchasing and distribute their promotional merchandise globally on time.

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