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Avoid the endless online search for top-quality clothing. Simply tell us your goals and budget, and our dedicated team will quickly find the perfect branded clothing for you that combines quality with a reflection of brand identity! 



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What We Do


Magellan offers an extensive variety of branding merchandise tailored to your promotional needs, including a broad range of clothing and accessories. Among our diverse offerings, you'll find customized embroidered gilets and polo shirts along wit ties adorned with your logo, designed to elevate your brand's visibility and appeal.

In addition to traditional promotional items, we are proud to offer products made from eco-friendly materials, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability. With Magellan, you have access to everything necessary to enhance your promotional efforts, ensuring your brand makes a lasting impression.

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Types of Promotional                   Clothing


Our clothing range, designed to meet all needs and help you stand out, offers a wide variety of customizable options. Below is a list of apparel items available for customization.

The products we offer consist of Polo shirts, T-shirts, Hoodies, Gilets, Sweatshirts, and Socks for everyday wear. Additionally, we provide Ties, Gloves, and Caps for a more complete look. Our selection also includes practical items such as Umbrellas, Bags, and Rain Coats, alongside Thermal Waterproof Jackets for colder climates. For those requiring specialized attire, we offer Hi Viz Options among many other products, ensuring we have everything you need for your promotional activities.

Marketing Strategy 


Branded clothing serves as an exceptional marketing strategy, primarily because it integrates into customers' daily lives, effectively transforming them into walking advertisments for your brand. This not only increases brand visibility but does so in a way that ensures comfort for the wearer.

Furthermore, the significant advantage of selecting clothing for merchandise lies in the extensive branding space these items offer. This feature ensures that your logo is easily visible and instantly recognizable, making branded apparel an ideal choice for a wide range of business activities, from internal corporate events to external giveaways.

Commitment To Quality


Our commitment to quality in clothing is unwavering, ensuring we utilise only the finest materials available. This entails a careful selection of sustainable and durable fabrics, underpinning our promise of excellence. The significance of this commitment lies in the reflection of your brand's image through the quality of the clothing, which is crucial in enhancing your reputation.

This dedication to superior quality has garnered us trust from a wide array of clients. Charities, universities, security firms, and builders alike have placed their confidence in our products, recognising the unmatched quality we provide. Our focus on sustainability and longevity not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our diverse clientele.

Premium Options


For businesses with more flexibility in their budget, we offer premium options in our branded apparel selections; these options feature products from renowned brands such as North Face, Nike, and Under Armour, catering to those seeking luxury and quality to reflect their brand's image. This premium choice is particularly suitable for brands planning corporate events outdoors, such as sponsored walks.

Associating your logo with these esteemed brands not only elevates the perceived value of your apparel but also significantly enhances your brand's credibility in the eyes of consumers and partners alike. This strategic choice can play a crucial role in enhancing brand recognition and fostering a sense of trust and admiration among your target audience.

Personalisation Options


Selecting the appropriate personalization options is critical for aligning with a business's branding strategy and ensuring the clothing items serve their intended purpose. Magellan specializes in offering two primary techniques: embroidery and printing, both designed to make your brand's logo distinct and memorable. Embroidery tends to give a more refined and elevated appearance, making it ideal for businesses aiming for a sophisticated image. Printing, in contrast, offers a modern look, suitable for a wide array of apparel choices.

Additionally, Magellan provides a broad spectrum of colors and innovative materials, including metallic and reflective options, allowing for further customization to match your brand's unique identity.







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