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Audi Video Presentation Box

Audi Video Presentation Box

  • Product Code: MAG-MER-2014
Video Presentation Box for Audi

Promotional Audi Video Presentation Box is the perfect marriage between video content and actual product. Grab your customers attention with sound and vision.

Branded Audi Video Presentation Box is a 4 board printed and laminated box with a tray. The screen is in the lid and can be activated be either light sensor or magnet. Ribbon 'lid-to-base' hinges hold the lid open at the correct angle for optimum viewing.

Promotional Video Presentation Box with video screen  can have a foam fitment inserted to house beautifully presented products. This is also durable and robust ensuring it protects the items inside. 

Branded Video Presentation Box with video screen can come in a variety of finishes - perfectly giving the impression of luxury - whether embossing, inlays, texture or even just being ultra smooth. 

Audi Video Presentation Box has features which make it ideal for your next marketing campaign:

  • LCD Screens from as small as 2.4"
  • Landscape or portrait 
  • Great Branding Area
  • Brand Building
  • Training
  • Invites
  • Multi Sensory Experience


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