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Bespoke Video Boxes

Video box page banner, 3 video boxes

Video box packaging is a speciality for us at Magellan World. We are a leading supplier of video packaging, based in Europe. We provide video brochures, video presentation boxes and video business cards and video gift boxes.

Our team have 25+ years of experience in providing video packaging for a wide range of customers. A video box provides a perfect marketing strategy for your company, a luxury video box is guaranteed to impress your targeted prospects.

All our video boxes include a USB or micro-USB cable, simply connect the card to any USB port on a pc or mac. The video boxes can be recharged around 1000 times. This cable will also allow you to change the video on the video box, or change the order of the videos. The videos will be played in numerical and then alphabetical order. We suggest naming each file using either 01, 02, 03 or A, B, C.

Video marketing is highly effective and can get the attention of everyone. Our range of video boxes can be fully customised from the box right down to the video screen.


Video box size options

A4   A5   Custom
A4 video box   A5 video box   Custom video box
A4 video boxes will be able to fit any A4 sizes documents including booklets etc. These boxes can fit up to a 10” video screen inside and still leave you with plenty of space for all your banding needs.   A5 video boxes will fit multiple A5 documents inside or booklets. They can fit up to a 7” video screen. This is the smallest box we provide, but can fit in all your branding needs, such as stationary.   We can design and supply video boxes of custom dimensions to fulfil any requirement you have. These custom boxes feature your specified height, width and depth. They can fit any screen you require.


Video screen size options

We can provide a range of different screen sizes to suit your branding needs. The largest screen size we supply is a 10” HD IPS screen. The smallest screen size is a 2.3inch HD screen which is usually used for our Video business cards. Our video screen sizes are; 10”, 7”, 5”, 4.3”, 4” and 2.3”. The most popular screen sizes used in our video boxes are the 5” and 7” screens.


Branding options/ extras


Foil stamping   Spot UV   Full CMYK
Foil stamping finish   Spot UV finish   Full CMYK finish
We use a variety of metallic and coloured foil which can be applied to the boxes. Silver and gold are the most popular colour choices and provide a premium finish. Foil logos can be included as well as foil text so long as the text isn’t too small. Speak to our team for information on sizing requirements for our foil text options.   We can apply spot UV finished to your video box; this can be done in many colours not just black. As the spot UV is oil transparent, they stand out very well on Black Matte Laminated boxes. But can also be applied to colour printed boxes. Speak to our video box experts for more information on our spot UV options.   Your video box can be printed with any design, a simple logo to eye catching full colour artwork designs, which cover the entire boxes surface. We have a range of pantone colours available for our video boxes, speak to one of our video box experts for more information on the colour range we can offer for your video box.
Matte finish   Gloss finish   Soft touch finish
Matte finish   Gloss finish   Soft touch - matte finsih
Matt laminated finish is perfect for dark or intense colours, or if you want some spot UV design. These are non-reflective and the colour stay to their truest forms. Most of our boxes include an anti-scuff coating, this prevents any scuffs or damaged to the boxes. Speak to our team for more information on our matte laminated options.   Gloss laminated finish is great for vibrant colours, and can be used as a way to show of your artwork. This is perfect for designs with intricate patterns. Gloss also preserves the quality of the prints and makes your video box stand out and shine in the light. These also can include an Anti-scuff coating to prevent scuffs.   Soft touch laminated often gets mistaken for matte lamination. This does look like the standard matte finish but add extra depth to the design. The smooth velvet feel creates a luxurious experience for anyone holding your video box. Speak to your video box experts for more information on the soft touch laminated option.

Customisation options

We can fully customise your video box, including custom foam or card fitments for your box, which provides a cushion for the desired products to be included inside the boxes. We can create these to hold notebooks, pens, bottles and many more items. The video screen can be pre-loaded with videos of your choice, in the order of your choice.

There are a variety of trigger options for the video screens. A magnetic trigger is great if you want the video to play as soon as the box is opened. We have your standard on/off button so you can start the video as and when you want. A light sensor will also allow your video to play as soon as the lid is opened. We also have a motion sensor option for the video screens, this involves you moving your hand around the screen to trigger the video.

Our video boxes can also include a variety of media controls, including; volume, play/pause, fast forward and rewind. You can have multiple videos uploaded to the video box, which will play automatically after the last video has finished. Or we can add separate buttons for each video so you can skip through to the video you want.

Our custom video boxes, can be fully designed to match your brands needs, use these at events, for presentations, or as gifts!



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