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Audio Packaging

Audio Packaging by Magellan World is an new, innovative method of Promotional Packaging and we are pleased to bring custom audio to our already wide range of custom and luxury packaging items.

Audio Packaging allows you to add a relevant noise or verbal introduction to a product so that when it is opened, there s not only the impact of Magellan's High End Packaging but your client receives a whole new level to presentation packaging.

Audio Packaging works in the same way as birthday cards so that when opened, the audio is activated instantly or it can be programmed on a delay if you wish. We can not only provide an audio box that has a pre-programmed audio set but we can also combine a re-recordable version for personal messages for your clients.

Promotional Audio Presentation Box for ProMech

Promotional Audio Presentation Box for ProMech is an innovative design that includes a set of speake..

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