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Christmas is a wonderful time of year and also a great time to promote your business. nearly everyone is out and about at Christmas time, more people are likely to view your promotional items! Magellan World offer a wide range of Christmas products, contact us today!

This A3 advent calendar promotes a more amusing side to the classic Christmas Advent Calendar.
Chocolate Baubles are an easy give away item, people love to hang them on their Christmas tree, displaying your company to all that visit.
This A4 advent calendar features a classic design suitable for anyone.
Bespoke beauty custom advent calendars

Contact us today for more information on how we can create a luxury advent calendar like the ones ab..

Double Branding MandM Advent Calendar

This inexpensive promotional gift for Christmas is ideal for a company giveaway for Customers and Em..

Promotional Advent Calendar-A5

    Promotional Advent Calendar-A5 with 60g of Milk Chocolate, package can be folded to for..

Promotional Advent Calendar-A4

    Promotional Advent Calendar-A4 with 60g of Milk Chocolate.       Minimu..

Promotional Advent Calendar-A3

    Promotional Advent Calendar-A3 with 24 5g Neapolitan milk chocolates.     ..

Promotional Advent Calendar-A4-Moulded Chocolates

      Promotional Advent Calendar-A4-Moulded Chocolates with 100g of rectangular Moulded..

Promotional Advent Calendar-A5-Baubles

    Promotional Advent Calendar-A5-Baubles with 110g of Milk Chocolate.       ..

Promotional Advent Calendar-Napoli

    Promotional Advent Calendar-Napoli with 120g Milk Chocolates wrapped in promotional pri..

Promotional Chocolate Baubles

Promotional Chocolate Baubles, 3 Hollow, Decorated Baubles made from high quality Belgian Milk Choc..

Promotional Decorated Chocolate Baubles

Promotional Decorated Chocolate Baubles, 3 Hollow, Decorated Baubles made from high quality Belgian..

Promotional Chocolate Bauble

Promotional Chocolate Bauble, 1 Hollow, Decorated, Delicious Bauble made from high quality Belgian ..

Promotional Christmas Chocolate Donuts

Promotional Christmas Chocolate Donuts contains 4 donuts inside a festive pack with alcoholic filli..

Promotional Tin of Chocolate Balls

Promotional Tin of Chocolate Balls with a pull ring seal filled with milk chocolate balls.Seasonal ..

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