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Executive Gifts

Executive Gifts

Executive Gifts for your top performers.

Reward your key staff and valued clients with luxury quality goods branded with your message.

2-in-1 Branded USB

2-in-1 branded USB with a Type C interface with two sliding covers to protect either end whislt not ..

Amcor SKROSS Travel Adapter

Amcor SKROSS Travel Adapter is a fantastic and useful promotional item manufactured for amcor. ..

Anti-Wear USB

Custom branded USB with an anti-wear and drop metal body and a magnetic metal lid. Suitable to carry..

Branded Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones

Branded bluetooth 5.0 earphones with dual channel connection and comes in either black or white. Sma..

Branded Iron Stick

Minimalist and clever design, compact and without cap.Encapsulated flash memory, shock and dust resi..

Branded Magellan Wenger Backpack

Branded Magellan Wenger Backpack can be embroidered with your logo on the front. ..

Branded OTG Adapter

Branded multi-function OTG adapter that is suitable for iphones, Type C and micro USBs. This device ..

Branded Switch USB

Branded USB with branding areas on the front and back and also a switch allowing you to keep the USB..

Branded Uniserve Cuff Links

Branded Uniserve Cuff Links are a luxury promotional item with a custom cotton insert that has a foi..

Branded USB With Custom Led Branding

Branded USB with a LED branding area, LEDs come in a range of colours.     Capacity: 1G-32G..

Branded USB With Led Branding

Branded USB with Led branding area with a range of coloured LEDs to choose. Capacity: 1G-32G..

Custom 2-in-1 Short USB Cable With Lightning Charge Lead

Custom branded 2-in-1 short USB cables with a lightning charger lead suitable for Iphones. Range of ..

Custom 3-in-1 Data USB Cable Light Up Logo

Custom branded 3 in 1 data cable with lightning, Micro, USB and Type-C ends and a light up logo bran..

Custom 3-in-1 Data USB Cable Light Up Logo Branding

Custom branded 3 in 1 data cable with lightning, Micro and Typce-C ends with a light up logo brandin..

Custom Audi Car USB With Lid

Custom branded car USB in the shape of an Audi car key with a lid to keep the USB protected...

Custom BMW Car USB

Custom branded car USB in the shape of a BMW car key     ..

Custom Branded Clip USB

Custom branded clip USB stick with branding to both sides...

Custom Branded Diamond USB With LED Branding

Custom branded diamond ended USB stick with LED branding area to one side and suitable for a keychai..

Custom Branded End Sliding Switch USB

Custom branded usb stick with an end sliding switch which allows the USB interface to be protected w..

Custom Branded LED USB With Tag

Custom branded USB with LED logo and plastic tag with an option to have logos branded on front and b..

Custom Branded Plastic Keyring USB

Custom branded plastic USB that comes in a variety of colours and is suitable for attaching to key c..

Custom Branded Recycled Circular Clip USB

Custom branded recycled USB with a circular clip and branding on the front and back...

Custom Branded Recycled Clip USB

Custom branded recycled clip USBs with option to have branding on the front and back.    ..

Custom Branded Transparent LED USB

Custom branded transparent USB sticks with a range of LEDs to choose from for the branding area...

Custom Branded USB Bottle Opener

Custom branded USB bottle opener with branding to the front and back. The USB slides in and out of t..

Custom Branded USB One Side LED

Custom branded USB stick with LED branding to one side with a range of LED colours to choose from.  ..

Custom Branded USB With Tag and Sliding Switch

Custom branded USB and tag with a sliding switch allowing  the USB interface to be protected when no..

Custom branded USB wrist band

Custom branded USB wrist band..

Custom Cable Holder USB With Magnet

Custom branded cable holder USB drive with magnet. Branding can be done to the USB and holder...

Custom Coin for Uniserve

Custom Coin for Uniserve is a commemorative coin that celebrates the 30th anniversary of the company..

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