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Conference/Events are a great opportunity to promote your brand, giving away promotional products will ensure your name is remembered.

Magellan have many varieties of Branded Promotional Items, we offer a wide range from Power Banks to  Micro-Chipped Rebound Tags.

Printed Promotional Conference Items will promote your logo and will be used over and over again keeping your company in the forefront of your clients' minds.

Magellan can provide any promotional item for your companies needs, find the perfect promotional merchandise for your conference and events below.

The Promotional Mint Card is an easy way to distribute your brand.
This 3 in 1 Army USB Adapter features the 2 Apple fittings and a Micro USB.
Magellan World offers a huge range of Promotional Giveaway Pens.
Printed USB Presentation Packaging for Innovation Group

Printed USB Presentation Packaging Client: Innovation GroupMaterial: Folding Box BoardFinish: Litho ..

Promotional Click Tin of Mints-Full Colour

Promotional Click Tin of Mints-Full Colour, with your logo printed on the top of the tin.Branded Mi..

Zens Cordless Charger

Cordless Charger Pad Based on the New Global Qi Standard in Europe & Developed to Charge Mobile ..

Prodir DS3 Pen

Promotional Prodir DS3 Pen is our most popular pen with its twist ball action and wide choice of co..

Promotional Lollipop in a Square Box

Promotional Lollipop in a square box with your logo printed on the sides of the cube.Branded Lollip..

Prodir DS3 Soft Touch Pen

Promotional Prodir DS3 Soft Touch Pen is our tactile twist on the popular DS3 range. Still with the ..

Portable Mobile Phone Charger

Includes Internal Battery. Charged Up Through Your Computer USB Port.Packed in Acrylic Box with Inst..

Promotional Flat Tin Mints

Promotional Flat Tin Mints, with your logo printed on the top of the metal tin.Custom Tin, Branded ..

Promotional Mint Twister

Promotional Mint Twister is a fun, pocket sized high fidget factor product with cool tasting mints...

Prodir QS01 Pen

Promotional Prodir QS01 Ballpen has a tactile triangular texturedsurface that makes it a joy to hold..

Portable Solar Battery

500mah. Suitable to Partly Charge Your Smart Phone or Other Electronic Gadgets. Charger Possible by ..

Power Bank Charger

Sleek Portable Mobile Phone Charger. Internal Battery Charged Up Through Your Computer USB Port. Mad..

Prodir DS5 Ballpen

Promotional Prodir DS5 Pen has a distinctive tactile soft touch barrel to enhance your writing exper..

Prodir DS9 Ballpen

Promotional Prodir DS9 Pen has a stand out polished 'ring' design feature around the clip in 20 poli..

Slim Portable Battery Charger

3500mah. Suitable to Partly Charge Your Smart Phone, Tablet or Other Electronic Devices. Battery Can..

Leather Executive USB stick

Leather clad and polished metal closure USB stick for that stylish corporate lookAvailable in variou..

Power Card Power Bank

Power Card Power BankPower Card Power Bank is Credit Card sized with a high capacity to charge your ..

Portable Charger and LED Torch

2000mah. Suitable to Partly Charge Your Smart Phone, Tablet or Any Other Electronic Device. Battery ..

Powermonkey Discovery

3500mah Lithium Polymer Battery. Offers Users Real Power on the Move. Recharge an Ipad to 30%, an Ip..

Promotional Deluxe Mint Card

Promotional Deluxe Mint Card with your logo and name printed onto the side.Corporate Mint, Branded ..

Freeloader Classic Charger

Sleek and Robust, the Freeloader Classic Can be Charged Via Its Powerful Solar Panels or a Pc USB Al..

Prodir DS7 Ballpen

Promotional Prodir DS7 Pen has an irresistible sliding push button action feature which clients and ..

Leather Embossed USB stick

Branded leather and brushed metal finish USB stickAvailable in various coloursData capacity 256MB - ..

Leather Keyring USB stick

Another twist on the leather style branded USB stick - this has a generous sized keyring attachedTak..

Leather Pocket USB stick

Holster your trusty USB stick in it's own leather pocket for maximum protection - ready to 'Quickdra..

Leather & Metal USB stick

One of our most popular items is this Executive style branded leather and metal USB stickAvailable i..

Prodir ES2 Ballpen

Promotional Prodir ES2 Pen has a radical rounded polished triangular body with silver satin metal cl..

Prodir QS03 Ballpen

Promotional Prodir QS03 Pen is targeted at the automotive industry with its tyre tread pattern soft ..

Promotional Menu Charger

Promotional Menu Charger promotes your products and retains your clients by allowing up to 4 Smart..

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