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Promotional Portable Charger

To be online everyday we need more power that can usually be supplied by our various phones, tablets and electronic devices.

So, the new way to reach and help you customer is by supplying him with an additional power source : the personalised power bank! Batteries are getting more important.

We all know this situation: you need to make one more call or you're right in the middle of your favourite film but your battery has just died! So have a look at what Magellan has to offer.

Branded Coca Cola Squid Power Bank

Branded Coca Cola Squid Power Bank has a laser cut logo that sits on top of an LED that shows the ch..

Custom 2-in-1 Short USB Cable With Lightning Charge Lead

Custom branded 2-in-1 short USB cables with a lightning charger lead suitable for Iphones. Range of ..

Custom 3-in-1 Data USB Cable Light Up Logo

Custom branded 3 in 1 data cable with lightning, Micro, USB and Type-C ends and a light up logo bran..

Custom 3-in-1 Data USB Cable Light Up Logo Branding

Custom branded 3 in 1 data cable with lightning, Micro and Typce-C ends with a light up logo brandin..

Custom USB Charging Cable

Custom branded USB charging cable with micro-USB, type-C and lightning interfaces, and comes in a ra..

Custom USB Rope Bracelet

Custom branded USB rope bracelet with safety chain attached to USB casing to prevent loss...

Promotional Crystal Qi Charger

Promotional Crystal Qi Charger. Charging your IOS or Android phone is easier than ever with the prom..

Promotional Qi Charging Station

This wireless charger pad is Qi certified by the WPS (Wireless Power Consortium) and suitable for an..

Promotional Wireless Qi Charger

Promotional Wireless Qi Charger. Efficient, budget-friendly & safe, this wireless charger pad is..

Pencil Pot Power Bank for SCX

Pencil Pot Power Bank for SCX..

SCX charger clever 5000

Powerbank in rubber and metal, having a capacity of 5000 mAh with customisable, illuminated logo whi..

SCX Charger Emergency 1000

Mini powerbank finishedin soft-touch and metal with an illuminated logo, business card format 13mmth..

SCX charger slim 4000

Ultra-thin, ultra-lightweight rubber powerbank with a thickness of only 8.5mm and weighing only 11..

Powerbank Charger

Emergency Charger with Built-in Lithium Battery, 2000mah. Power Bank Can be Charged by USB Cable Via..

Promotional 8000 mAh Squid

Sleek charger with twin USB port for maximum speed and power. Allows for the charging of two devices..

Zens Cordless Charger

Cordless Charger Pad Based on the New Global Qi Standard in Europe & Developed to Charge Mobile ..

Portable Mobile Phone Charger

Includes Internal Battery. Charged Up Through Your Computer USB Port.Packed in Acrylic Box with Inst..

Portable Solar Battery

500mah. Suitable to Partly Charge Your Smart Phone or Other Electronic Gadgets. Charger Possible by ..

Power Bank Charger

Sleek Portable Mobile Phone Charger. Internal Battery Charged Up Through Your Computer USB Port. Mad..

Slim Portable Battery Charger

3500mah. Suitable to Partly Charge Your Smart Phone, Tablet or Other Electronic Devices. Battery Can..

Power Card Power Bank

Power Card Power BankPower Card Power Bank is Credit Card sized with a high capacity to charge your ..

Portable Charger and LED Torch

2000mah. Suitable to Partly Charge Your Smart Phone, Tablet or Any Other Electronic Device. Battery ..

Powermonkey Discovery

3500mah Lithium Polymer Battery. Offers Users Real Power on the Move. Recharge an Ipad to 30%, an Ip..

Freeloader Classic Charger

Sleek and Robust, the Freeloader Classic Can be Charged Via Its Powerful Solar Panels or a Pc USB Al..

Promotional Menu Charger

Promotional Menu Charger promotes your products and retains your clients by allowing up to 4 Smart..

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