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Magellan Promotional Merchandise works in close partnership with leading brands, creating innovative solutions to help them connect with their target audience and stand out from the competition. We love to design, source or manufacture bespoke products and clothing - for promotions, uniforms, merchandise, incentives or for any reason you choose. But we also source and supply a range of off-the shelf products - at unbeatable prices!

We also like to highlight new products or items that we think will be of interest. Please review our "What's New" categories for a range of ideas for your promotion.

Branded Silicone Bottle Caps

Innovative promotional branded silicone bottle caps.  Low cost promotional item for festivals, ..

HomingPIN Standard Pack

HomingPIN puts the owner and finder of lost property together, so that mislaid and lost property can..

HomingPIN Start pack

HomingPIN puts the owner and finder of lost property together, so that mislaid and lost property can..

iGrip Phone Stand

iGrip Phone Stand is perfect promotional product for your phone and has many uses. You can use it as..

Printed Compressed T-shirt for San Miguel

Compressed T-shirt printed for San Miguel, them compressed into the shape of a beer bottleFull print..

Promotional Cooling Towel With Water Bottle

Promotional Cooling Towel With Water Bottle has your logo printed onto the bottle and onto a corner ..

Promotional Innovative Fidget Spinner

Promotional Innovative Fidget Spinner is a new design of Fidget Spinner that is proving to be very ..

Rebound Tags

Have you ever lost your luggage while travelling? Most of us have at some point in our lives. Its ..

Smart Pocket

Smart PocketSmart Pocket for your Smart Phone!It's the cool way to store your personal plastic cards..

3 in 1 Army USB Adaptor

3 in 1 Army USB AdaptorThere are  3 of the most popular connectors: usb, micro usb, iphone 4s 3..

Ludlow A5 Notebook

Soft feel bound A5 Notebook. 96 pages of cream coloured lined 80 gsm pages with ribbon page marker a..

Branded 3D Camera Lens

Promotional 3D Camera Lens enhances your digital camera so you can shoot your own 3D photo or movie...

Post it T-Shirt

Now it's possible to send a compressed T-shirt by post! This consists of a compressed T-shirt in the..

OneBottle™ Metal Water Bottle

OneBottle Branded Metal Water Bottle 500mlOur NEW stunning promotional product - the branded metal i..

Americano Branded Recycled Takeaway Coffee Cups

Americano Branded Recycled Takeaway Coffee Cups. Our branded reusable recycled takeaway coffee cup..

Bespoke Fidget Cube Packaging

Bespoke Fidget Cube Packaging is a great way to protect and distribute our Promotional Fidget Cube ..

Bespoke Magnetic Phone Holder

Phone holder equipped with a powerful magnet to ensure a perfect hold of your mobile phone, whatever..

Gaming Hero RGB Mouse

The integrating RGB gaming mouse can be set up in 13 different modes of lighting. The black branded..

Personalised Scented Home Candle

Personalised Scented Home Candle.Size: 9.5cmPerfect for a house warming gift...

Promotional Air Lounger

Promotional Air Lounger is ideal for your next outdoor event, camping trip, concert, festival or on ..

Promotional Phone Car Holder

Soft and discreet, it won ‘t deform your dashboard, width of the support 50-90 mmFit to all car dash..

Retap Glass Bottles

Retap reusable bottles made of high strength borosillicate glass. Your logo can be printed or engra..

RGB Gaming Hero Branded Earbuds With ENC

These black Bluetooth wireless earbuds contain RGB lighting to set the tone and create a relaxed atm..

RGB Gaming Hero Branded Mousepad

This black RGB mousepad creates the perfect gaming setup with the lighting creating a relaxed atmosp..

RGB Gaming Hero Headset

This black gaming headset is integrated with high quality RGB lighting and has MIC and a low latency..

Smartphone Mobile Phone Adaptor

2 x Models, USB Adaptor with Iphone 5 Lighting, Micro USB & Iphone 4 Adaptors. Retractable Cable..

Waterproof iPhone Case

Waterproof Case is a great item for carrying your iPhone, iPod, Android Phone, Mobile Phones or MP4/..

Jet Belt Luggage Strap

Jet Belt Luggage Strap - secures and identifies your travel cases with your message and logoA practi..

Branded Fidget Spinner-Blue

Branded Fidget Spinner-BluePromotional Fidget Spinners are the perfect office toy for adults and chi..

Branded Fidget Spinner-Red

Branded Fidget Spinner-RedPromotional Fidget Spinners are the perfect office toy for adults and chil..

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