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Welcome to our custom gaming products where you can promote your brand whilst creating your perfect gaming setup. 

Our Gaming Hero products are integrated with high quality RGB lighting to set the tone and create a relaxed atmosphere whilst playing that can be set in different modes. Our RGB collection can all be used without any delay between your screen and the sound you’re hearing so no more waiting around. 

Customising our gaming products is a fun and quirky way to market and promote your brand!


Range of RGB Products

Gaming Hero Earbuds   Gaming Hero Mouse
RGB Gaming Earbuds   RGB Gaming Mouse
This product is Bluetooth and wireless so no more worrying about tangling wires and restricted movement. The Earbuds are integrated with ENC for the clearest communication and sound quality. They charge very quickly and have a long-playing time.   Our Gaming Mouse includes 13 different modes of lighting and displays unique features for comfortable use whilst using. 
You can personalise the mouse and a personalised sleeve to gift people and promote your brand!


Gaming Hero Headset   Gaming Hero Mousepad
RGB Gaming Headset   RGB Gaming Mousepad
The RGB Headset is the perfect adjustable and high-quality product to use. The wear proof cable is ready to just plug in and play with no need install a driver. Headsets are used daily and are the perfect way to promote your brand!   Our mousepad is your perfect gaming item including a large print size to display your brand on a much bigger scale complimented by the 15 different modes of RGB lighting. Extra thick and low friction for complete control and comfort.



Mission and Values    
mission and value xd connects  

Our Mission:
Strive for positive change by providing the best low impact gift, which connects businesses with their employees and customers whilst minimising the impact on the environment.

- Maximum gift experience with minimum impact
- Take responsibility towards our communities
- Open and transparent
- Strive for positive change
- Give back to the planet

Read more about the values here!


Each RGB item can be put into many different settings so you can pick your own personal colour preference. 
Each product can be personalised displaying the max printing size with some products, also having the option for a personalised sleeve which can be supplied. 

Check out our range of products available below!


Branded Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones

Branded bluetooth 5.0 earphones with dual channel connection and comes in either black or white. Sma..

Mission and Values

Our Mission: Strive for positive change by providing the best low impact gift, which connects busin..

Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Wireless bluetooth headset that comes with a small storage charging box, the earphones can be used c..

Wireless Noise Reduction Headset

Wireless bluetooth headsetwith intelligent noise reduction and 32 hours of powerful battery life wit..

Gaming Hero RGB Mouse

The integrating RGB gaming mouse can be set up in 13 different modes of lighting. The black branded..

RGB Gaming Hero Branded Earbuds With ENC

These black Bluetooth wireless earbuds contain RGB lighting to set the tone and create a relaxed atm..

RGB Gaming Hero Branded Mousepad

This black RGB mousepad creates the perfect gaming setup with the lighting creating a relaxed atmosp..

RGB Gaming Hero Headset

This black gaming headset is integrated with high quality RGB lighting and has MIC and a low latency..

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