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Revive Collagen


In the growing world of beauty and skincare, the importance of attractive packaging has never been so important, both for social media impact and to attract consumers to try products. Revive Collagen recognized this, particularly with their move into the United States and the appointment of a new global brand ambassador. Explore how Magellan brought their vision to life.

Revive Collagen and their Project


Revive Collagen, a award winning brand known for it’s ingestible collagen supplements, has achieved remarkable success since launching in 2020; being loved by so many. Co-founded by Samantha Faires, the brand was initially established to fight the signs of aging, offering noticeable and impactful results. They offer an extensive and luxurious product line, designed to meet the needs of all customers, ensuring everyone feels confident and beautiful in their skin.

After their latest business venture, where Chris Appelton from the United States became a global ambassador, Revive Collagen approached Magellan for video boxes and acrylic cases; mirroring their brand's luxurious and feminine image.



The video boxes and acrlyic cases features 10” HD screens and internal dimensions measuring 170mm in width, 80mm in depth, and 190mm in height. It’s designed with a magnetic closures that enhances the user experience and not to mention the auto-play light sensor; accompanied by three buttons. Play/pause and volume up/down. 

The external finish is complimented with anti-scuff matt lamination, adding durability and a sophisticated look. Therefore, it prevails an elegant touch with gold foiling highlighting their name. The video boxes are encased in a pink acrylic box and vinyl writting, providing a sleek aesthetic.


The Acrylic Case


Utilising an acrylic outer case for the video boxes not only enhances the overall appearance of the project but also ensures their protection during delivery. The addition of a pink tinge to the acrylic complements the design of the video box and aligns with Revive Collagen's brand image, further accentuating their aesthetic and brand identity.

Moreover, the acrylic case contributes to the overall user experience, featuring a customisable space on the lid for personalized messages; this was specifically requested for sending tailored messages to the five closest friends of Chris Appelton, in celebration of his launch.


This project, featuring bespoke video boxes and acrylic cases, was created with a personal touch, limited to just five boxes. This bespoke approach was Chris Appelton's vision, as the newly appointed American Global Brand Ambassador for Revive, to share a specially selected array of products with his close friends in the United States. Highlighting a sense of exclusivity, the list of 5 are: Kim Kardashian, for whom Chris is the personal hairstylist, along with Make up By Mario, Mary Fitzgerald, Chrishell Stause, and Drew Barrymore. 

Adding a personal element, each acrylic box was customised with a message on its lid, carefully written for each recipient. Through this thoughtful gesture, Chris wanted to celebrate his new role with those closest to him, hoping to spark conversations and interest in Revive Collagen.

The Outcome


The design and creation of the video boxes portrayed Chris' enthusiasm for his role as a brand ambassador, captivating his closest friends with a visual story upon opening. These boxes served as an engaging way to introduce Revive Collagen, especially with their recent product launch in the United States. With an aesthetic choice of mauve and gold foiling in the design effectively embodied the brand's colours, merging sophistication with elegance. The acrylic case, in turn, seamlessly brought the entire concept together, completing the vision.

As Revive Collagen expand their brand and products into the United States, increasing their chances for success, this project proved to be an ideal strategy to elevate their name and ingestiable collagen.




Revive Collagen demonstrated that beauty packaging can be both luxurious and functional with their video boxes and acrylic case. These items fall into the categories of video, presentation, and influencer packaging. Strategicly, the addition of an acrylic case enhances the marketing potential, particularly social media opportunites, considering Chris' recipients have substantial followings across various platforms.


For more information on our elegant packaging solutions, contact us today on 01276 450220 or email sales@magellanworld.com.

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