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Poco Electro

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Uniserve contacted us because they were looking for promotional merchandise that would suit their global freight industry. We were asked to design a full complement of traditional branded merchandise for events and gifts to clients and prospects.

Magellan's design inspiration was taken from Uniserve’s proudly British nature. and we used the Union Jack on a whole host of unique items including Jotters, Pens, Mugs, Mouse Mats, Coasters, Luggage tags and even Cuff Links! Universe were very pleased with the results and can now fully armed to promote themselves to the World!



Uniserve Branded Cufflinks Uniserve Branded Coaster
Cuff Links Coasters
Uniserve Custom Coin Uniserve Mouse Mat
Custom Coin Mouse Mat
Uniserve Branded Pen Uniserve Branded notebook
Pen Notebook
Uniserve Branded Mug Uniserve Luggage Tag
Uniserve Mug Luggage Tag
Uniserve A4 Notepad Uniserve Branded Pen
A4 Pad Pen
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