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Custom Golf Tees and Pencils

Branded golf tees


Branded golf tees and pencils are the ultimate low cost way to get your business logo in front of decision makers. By obtaining literally hundreds of these products for the low ball park figure of £5-10 you’re capable of geting your brand in front of one person hundreds of times, of hundreds of people once. We’ve found promotional pencils and tees to be very popular for corporate golf and society days. Available in manageable packs of around half a dozen, each golfer will see the brand message multiple times throughout the day and even onwards into future rounds. 

Branded golf tees and printed pencils will have your logo printed on them, we can even match the tee colour to match your pantones exactly, allowing you to maximise your brand exposure. Printed golf tees and branded pencils are a simple yet effective method for promoting your company.

Printed and branded golf pencils come with various different specs and designs.
Printed wooden tees with printing area on the shank of the tee.
Printed plastic golf tees can be printed with up to two colours.
Printed Wooden Golf Tees Shank

Printed Wooden Golf Tees Shank are made from bamboo with print on the shank. The two lengths of tee ..

Printed Wooden Golf Tees Cup and Shank

Printed Wooden Golf Tees Cup and Shank are made from bamboo with print on the shank and cup. The two..

Printed Plastic Golf Tees

Printed Plastic Golf Tees can be printed on with up to 2 colours...

Printed Branded Golf Pencils

Printed Branded Golf Pencils are available with printed or engraved design with or without an eraser..

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