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PokerStars X Neymar Jr

The Client

PokerStars is the world's largest online poker site. Neymar Jr is a Brazilian football star who currently plays for PSG alongside Lionel Messi. Neymar Jr is a cultural ambassador for PokerStars and has a partnership with PokerStars. PokerStars offers the online poker as well as an online store offering Poker sets, accessories, Neymar Jr exclusive items including packaging and clothing.

PokerStars X Neymar Jr Logo
PokerStars Neymar Jr Bundle Box

The Target Market

Their target market is over 18’s who have an interest in playing poker. Who enjoy playing poker both online and offline. They not only have online poker but they have their own store online selling poker accessories, sets and their collaboration with Neymar Jr.

The Brief

PokerStars wanted to create a luxurious unique collection of packaging for their collaboration with Neymar Jr. This was to include packaging for some of his clothing range, for a poker set including the matt and chips etc. They wanted something completely bespoke.

PokerStars Neymar Jr Shirt Box
PokerStars Neymar Jr Boot Box

The Challenge

The range of packaging is huge, needing to keep to the same style of packaging and branding, we needed to create stylish unique boxes to fit the products inside. We had to create a boot box, shirt box, a ball box and a bundle box. All of these needed to feature the signature black and red colours with the PokerStars symbol and then Neymar Jr’s signature.

The Results

This Neymar Jr signature collection came out amazing, we manged to use a variety of materials such as acrylic on the boot box, allowing you to see through inside the box to the boots, we used Spot UV on the majority of the packaging on the logos, adding the luxurious feel to the boxes. The Bundle box was a huge success fitting everything into the foam fitment and having the matt laminated print of Neymar on the inside of the casing which was of high quality. The ball box was something different and new for us here at Magellan world and came out looking amazing, showcasing the ball perfectly.  

PokerStars Neymar Jr Ball Box

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