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Video Packaging

Video Brochures offer a unique combination of traditional print, an integrated video screen and an incorporated audio system, it will bring your marketing brochures to life delivering a jaw dropping first impression and providing an unparalleled response from your clients.

Magellan World offers a huge range of Bespoke Video Brochures and Video Business Cards, these can be combined with our professionally manufactured custom luxury boxes or a printed sleeve to allow you and your company to produce the perfect Brochure to impress your customers.

Magellan World is proud to claim its long term working partnership with TV in a Card and our professional relationship is guaranteed to produce high quality bespoke video brochures.

Magellan World offers highly customisable features on Branded Video Brochures, our favourite features include an inbuilt in re-chargeable battery to continuously show off your products and an automatic play button so that when opened by your client, they receive a maximum first impression.

Please find our 3 favourite items below:

We designed a luxury box with a video screen and a foam insert for Coco Cola.
We designed and manufactured a Video Business Card for DeWalt.
We produced a high quality Video Brochure with 2 folding pages for SAB Miller.

There are hundreds of options to choose from such as screen size, memory size, different materials, so do not hesitate to contact us, your brand will never look better!!



1E Limited Video Box

This custom video box for 1E Limited was used as an invitation box they sent out for a customer invi..

Affari Video Box

This  video box was created for Affari Media to invite senior members of large companies to a though..

Angry Bird Video Business Card

This video business card for Angry Birds features a 2.4” LCD video screen. This is a video business ..

Asana Luxury Video Box

This luxury video box for Asana holds pens and notebooks. This features a 5” HD video screen with a ..

At Once video brochure

This video brochure was created for At Once, it features a 7” HD IPS screen screen with 4 buttons an..

Base Connections - VHS Video Box

This quirky little box was for Base Connections; a company that helps businesses modernise the way t..

Bespoke Video Brochure for CCF

Bespoke Video Brochure for CCF features a 5 inch screen with a 3 button configuration: Play/Pause, V..

Bo And Tee Influencer Video Presentation Box

This influencer video presentation box for Bo+Tee was used to promote their new product launch with ..

Boohoo Influencer Video Boxes

This video box was created in the UK for Boohoo to send to social media influencers across the world..

Brooklyn Nets Video Box

This video box for Brooklyn Nets features a 7" HD video screen, with buttons allowing you to play/pa..

Ebsford A4 Hard Back Video Brochure

This A4 video brochure for ebsford features a 10inch HD video screen with auto play. This is a CMYK ..

Ferrari Box and Video Brochure

This Ferrari box and video brochure was used as an invitation to an event. This is a 4 board case an..

FIA Video Box

This  video box was created for AiM Technologies to promote a device called an IDR unit that collect..

First Event Video Brochure

This luxury A5 soft back video brochure for First Event features a 7” HD video screen with a magenti..

FujiFilm Prime Video Box

This luxury video presentation box with a 5” HD video screen, with a magnetic closure, this included..

FujiFilm Ultra Video Box

This luxury video presentation box for FujiFilm featured a 5” HD video screen, with a magentic closu..

Fujitsu NHS Healthcare Innovation Video Box

This  video box was created for Fujitsu, each box features a unique pre-loaded video on a 7” HD IPS ..

G Lab Video Box

This luxury video box for G Labs features a 7” HD video screen. This is a full CMYK print in a matt ..

Incentivise A5 Soft Back Video brochure

Ths luxury A5 soft back video brochure for Incentivise features a 5” video screen with a memory size..

Land Rover Video Brochure

This luxury Tri-Fold video brochure for Land Rover is a A5 landscape brochure with a 7” HD screen wi..

Laser 2000 A5 Soft Back Video Brochure

This A5 soft back video brochure with a 5" HD video screen for Laser 2000 features a full colour pri..

Let's Go Elsewhere A5 Hard Back Video Brochure

This custom A5 Hardback video brochure for Let's Go Elsewhere was used to showcase a new project. Th..

Lionel Messi Video Box

This luxury sleek video box for SikSilk was used to present there new collaboration with Lionel Mess..

Luxury Gucci Video Box

This luxury video box for Gucci includes a 10” HD video screen with a 1GB memory size. This is a 4 b..

Luxury wooden video box BMW

This luxury wooden video box for BMW features a 4.3 inch LCD video screen. ..

Markes International Video Business Card

This standard video business card for Markes International was used to promote the new machinery. Th..

Maserati Softback Video Brochure

This Bespoke marketing card for Maserati features a 7" HD IPS screen sotback versions with magnetic ..

My Little Pony Video Boxes

These custom branded video boxes where used to send out to influencers across the UK and Europe to p..

Navien A5 Hard Back Brochure

This luxury A5 hard back video brochure for Navien is a landscpate brochures with a 7” HD video scre..

Oh Polly Emily Faye Miller Video Box

This vibrant lime green video box for Oh Polly was used to promote their latest collection with infl..

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