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The Best Eco Friendly Pens

Once upon a time, there was a company whose mission was to become a superhero. It decided to 'Save The World By Tea Time'!

Lee, the best promotional Eco Friendly boss there ever was, wanted to collect environmentally friendly pens from all parts of the world and present to you the finest, cost effective eco pens the world had to offer. He wanted to inspire the promotional pen industry to look beyond the cheapest pens but offer Branded Pens with sustainability so the children of the world could carry on writing FOREVER! He wanted to Save the World by Tea Time!

Lee donned his cape and flew around collecting all the printed ballpoint pens made out of recycled plastic, recycled cardboard and any pens environmentally friendly. His busy morning, took him all over the world, he saw mechanical pencils, pen sets, ball point pens and ink cartridge pens, many of which were made from recycled materials, some were even made from coffee. The more unusual, the better! But by Tea Time he was home to present a range of eco friendly printed pens for branding.

                       I bring you the finest Eco Friendly Pens:                                           

No.1 Branded Eco Pen made from Wheat

No.2 Recycled Plastic Pen - 83% recycled material

No.3 Expresso Ball Pen made from coffee

No.4 Bamboo Curvy Ball Pen

No.5 Recycled Paper Barrel Pen

(in case you didn’t realise, this is just a tale and Lee didn't really fly around the world, he was worried about the carbon foot print (although we all think he would like to wear a cape most days in the office....)

Espresso Pen - The Most Unique Eco Friendly Pen

Espresso Pen - The Most Unique Eco Friendly Pen!It is said that Two cups of coffee can cut post-work..

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