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Afinia are a long established manufacturer of High Speed Colour Label Printers and now 3D printers.

With UK stock of the full range with phone, warranty and full on-site support available, we at Magellan are best placed to help you produce top quality colour labels at high speed.

Delivery, Installation and Client training is all free of charge within England and Wales. Please contact us if you would like to attend a product demonstration in our Hampshire offices.

Our front-line model is the L801 colour label printer which fits most applications. Other more specialised machines include the R635 Colour Label Printer, DLP-2000 Digital Press, DLF-1000 Digital Label Finisher and the new award winning H840 3D printer.

Afinia L801 Colour Label Printer

The Afinia L-801 colour label printer is the market leader, ideal for all Production departments. Fa..

Afinia Rewinder for L801

A very useful option for your Afinia L801 colour label printer, it can handle stock up to 8.5" wide ..

Afinia R635 Colour Label Printer

The Afinia R635 is a fast colour label printer designed for mid ranged applications with the capabil..

Afinia DLP-2000 Digital Label Press

The Afinia DLP 2000 Digital Label Press is capable of producing complete labels which are cut and la..

Afinia DLF-1000 Digital Label Finisher

The Afinia Digital Label Finisher is the perfect compliment to an existing Afinia L-801 colour label..

Afinia H480 3D Printer

The Afinia H480 3D Printer is a ready out of the box to start creating your own 3D model made of pla..

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