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Custom Tubes

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Custom tube packaging is a specialty here at Magellan World. We are a leading supplier of round tube packaging. We are a printed paper tube manufacturer based in Europe, making our bespoke printed tubes to the highest quality, at an affordable price.  

Printed tube packaging is in high demand in many different industries such as cosmetics packaging, drinks packaging, fragrance packaging and many more. We have worked with high-end brands such as Disney and many more to create luxury tube packaging for luxury products. If you package your products in a luxury packaging tube by Magellan World, your product will not only gain protection from damage but will also again an aesthetically pleasing design, perfect for showcasing your product.   

Our branded tube packaging is manufactured and produced in the UK and Europe to a very high standard. We have had many of our clients approach us because of the level of experience and attention to detail our team holds, and the high quality of the finished products we produce.

Custom tube candle packaging is also a popular option for paper tube packaging, as the round candles work well in our cylinder packaging. We can create tubes to a size that suits your product no matter how big or small. With an array of design options and styles of tubes to choose from, your product with our packaging will be sure to stand out.   

Please note we don’t stock tubes, these tubes will be completely custom made to your measurements. We don’t sell off the shelf packaging. Minimum order quantity for standard tubes is 500, for food grade tubes it is 1000. 

Style of tubes

Single Tube

Single tube packaging is one of our most popular styles of tubes especially for drinks packaging. Single wine bottle tube packaging has a lower production and material cost, so this will usually come with a saving over the other styles of tubes we offer. More information on Single Tubes.

Single Tube
Telescopic Tube

Telescopic Tube

Custom paper telescopic tubes are very popular for custom candle packaging and cosmetics packaging. This two-piece packaging consists of the bottom base and the top lid. The top lid can be any length whether it be to just above the bottom of the base or half way up the bottom of the base. More information on Telescopic tubes.

Butted Tube

Butted tubes are our most popular tubes, these are great for a variety of products. The tube consists of three parts, the top lid, the tube base which has an inner neck which the top lid sits on. This is a popular choice among cylinder cosmetics packaging. More information on Butted tubes.

Butted Tube
Food Grade Tube

Food Grade Tube

Our food grade tubes are great for storing your tea, coffee, biscuits and many more confectionary products. These can be in the style of a butted tube, single tube and telescopic tube. These are a great way to showcase your products. More information on Food grade tubes.

Eco Cosmetic Tube

Our eco-friendly beauty tube packaging is a great hit. Eco friendly and animal cruelty free are the main thing people expect now for cosmetics companies to provide for customers. Our eco-friendly tubes do just that. A stylish finish but fully recyclable and eco at the same time. More information on Eco cosmetics tubes.

Eco Cosmetic Tube

Tube Cap Materials

Metal Caps

Our metal lids for tubes are available in silver, gold and black, these can also vary in size to go along with the sizing of your tube. Both the top and bottom of the tubes can be assembled with metal caps. The caps can be personalised with printed logos including an embossed/debossed logo option.  

Metal End Cap
Plastic End Cap

Plastic Caps

Plastic caps are available in an array of colours, with our most popular colour being white. There are cost savings when choosing this particular cap as this is more readily available and easier for suppliers to work with.


Paper Caps (rolled/un-rolled ends)

Our cardboard lids are the more popular option out of the three choices. This is made in the same material as the tube. The paper caps can be finished with either a rolled need or unrolled end. Our most popular option is the rolled end as our customers find it’s a more durable finish and its smoother to touch.  

Paper Rolled End Cap

Tube Paper Materials

Uncoated Paper

Uncoated paper is a standard finish for tubes. This gives an premium look, and allows full CMYK printing on the tube.As well as uncoated paper we can use coated paper.

Uncoated Paper
Kraft Paper

Kraft Paper

Kraft paper tubes are great if you want an eco-friendly look and feel. Most of these tubes will have either a single colour print or a two-colour print. brown Kraft paper is commonly seen on cardboard tubes, both inside and out.



Cardboard tubes are eco-friendly and are typically fully recyclable. This is one of our more rustic looking tubes and is an untreated material. There are some cost savings when choosing cardboard tubes.

Cardboard Tube

Branding Options/Extras

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is a big hit for tube packaging. we have a variety of foil colour options to choose from, the most popular options being the silver and gold foil. These look particularly good on text and logos, giving the tubes a luxury finish.

Foil Stamping
Spot UV

Spot UV

Spot UV is becoming a popular finish on our tubes and packaging boxes. Spot UV can be applied to any colour, but particularly stands out on darker colours especially black. We advise using Spot UV on a matte finish to allow the effect to stand out even more.


You name it, we brand it. You can choose any design or print to go on your tubes. This can be a simple logo to an eye catching full-colour artwork print covering the whole tubes surface. Printing costs are often similar no matter how many colours you choose or how complex the design may be. 

Full CMYK Print
Matte Finish

Matte Finish

Matt finish is one of our more popular finishes on our tube packaging. This is perfect for dark or intense colour due to there being no reflective qualities on the tube. The colours stay to their truest forms. Matte finish also looks great with Spot UV and Foil stamping finishes. 

Gloss Finish

If you have a design with small and intricate details or a lot of text then gloss is a good pick for your tubes. Gloss preserves the quality of the print and makes the products shine, so they stand out under any light.

Gloss Finish
Lid Decoration Tube

Lid Decoration

Lid decoration is popular among our cosmetics and candle packaging. The most common decoration for our tubes is ribbon bows. There are other ribbons and fabrics you can choose room to create a lid decoration that suits your design.

Check out our Tube FAQ's for more information.

Cylinder custom cardboard tube packaging is the perfect way to ensure your whiskey packaging excels among the competition. Custom drinks tube packaging, custom candle tubes, cylinder cosmetic packaging for makeup such as lipsticks and high-end mascara, whiskey tube packaging and other custom tubes for bottles- these are just some of the products which benefit from a branded cardboard cylinder style of packaging.

Black Tea Packaging Tube

This Telescopic tube is a food grade tube holding black tea leaves. This is a fully CMYK print in a ..

Celtic Renewables single tube

This tube was created for Celtic Renewables to contain their 70cl single malt scotch whisky, that ha..

Child's Farm Tube

This butted tube was created for Child's Farm to promote their children's hair care products. It ..

Chiltern Firehouse Candle Tube

This butted tube for Chiltern Firehouse was used to hold their candles. This tube has butted ends, i..

Cocktail single tube

This is a branded tube created for McKinleys Group trading Ltd to contain a cocktail set. This is..

Coco Powder Tube

This coco powder tube is a food grade tube suitable for holding food items. This is also eco friendl..

Coral Eyewear Butted Tube

These custom branded butted tubes for Coral Eyewear where used to hold eyewear and protect them in s..

Cosmetic tube packaging for diffusers

Recyclable tube packaging to hold a reed diffuser. The product is protected by the tube from damage...

Damyel Paris Tube

This tube box was created for Damyel Paris for a festival. This contained gifts. This is a matt fini..

Disney World 50th Anniversary Tube

This tube was created for Disney as an invitation to their 50th anniversary event in London. These w..

Eco friendly collagen powder packaging tube

This tube holds a collagen powder. Features a full CMYK print and a matt laminated finish. ..

Eco friendly cosmetic packaging for face cream

Eco friendly cosmetic packaging cardboard tube containers for Face cream jar. There is a black EVA i..

Fuel Station CBD tubes

This tube was created for Fuel Station to hold a CBD product.  This is a custom butted tube with ..

FujiFilm Ultra Tubes

These luxury Butted tubes for FujiFilm where used to promote their new equipment, inside the tubes w..

Gordon Watkins Food Grade Tubes

These custom butted tubes for Gordon Watkins where used to store seamoss capsules. These are food gr..

Green Tea Packaging Tube

This Telescopic tube is a food grade tube holding green tea leaves. This is a fully CMYK print in a ..

Harrogate Drinks Tubes

These butted tubes, are full CMYK with a matte finsh...

Iconic London Tube

This Telescopic tube was created for Iconic London. This features a rose gold foil cover on the top ..

Luxury beauty serum packaging

Butted tube created for a beauty serum. This is a full CMYK print, Matt laminated finish with gold f..

Luxury Candle Tube

This luxury candle tube is a telescopic tube with a full CMYK print in a matte finish. This also fea..

Luxury Diffuser packaging

This luxury diffuser tube is a full CMYK print, in a matt laminated finish. These tubes can be fully..

Luxury makeup sponge packaging tube

Telescopic tube to hold cosmetic sponges. This is a full CMYK print with gold foil stamping, with a ..

Luxury perfume bottle gift box

There is a black EVA inner tray inside which diecut a hole in middle. It can firmly hold the mist sp..

Luxury perfume packaging

This luxury tube holds a bespoke perfume bottle. This is a full CMYK print, with a matt laminated fi..

Luxury perfume tube

There is a WHITE EVA inner tray inside which diecut a hole in middle. It can firmly hold the mist sp..

Magellan World Tubes

This butted tube was created for Magellan to promote their services. It is a butted tube with rolled..

Maison Macolat Tube

This custom branded butted tube for Maison Macolat was used to store an assortment of chocolates. Th..

Melissa Coppel Tube

This tube for Melissa Coppel is a food grade tube sutiable for food items and is also a single tube...

Mushroom Tube

We produced 500 branded telescopic tubes that were split into four different artwork designs, finish..

Planet Superfood Brain Boost Tube

This custom butted tube for Planet Superfood was used to hold a smoothie powder. This is a full CMYK..

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