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Promotional Merchandise for the Hotel and Restaurant Industry comes in a wide range of products including Branded Bottled Water, Branded Menu Holders, Branded Bill Presenters, Branded Napkins or even Branded Bar Towels.

We have a wide array of products to choose from so why not have a browse through and find a suitable product. If you are unsure as to what product would be perfect for your brand identity then please contact our sales team for their recommendations.

Promotional Slide VR Glasses

Promotional Virtual Reality (VR) Slide glasses allow you to view 3D movies via your Smartphone. Thi..

Promotional VR Google Glasses

Promotional VR Google Glasses can show you 3D video clips from your Smartphone. Branded VR Google ..

Promotional Custom Cardboard VR Glasses

Promotional Custom Cardboard Virtual Reality Glasses can show you 3D video clips or games from your ..

Promotional Smart Premium VR Goggles

Promotional Virtual Reality Smart Premium goggles offer high quality viewing of 3D videos via ..

Promotional Mini VR Glasses

Promotional Mini VR Glasses are a truly pocket sized way to watch 3D movies or games via your Smartp..

Promotional Mini Clip VR Glasses

Promotional Mini Clip VR Glasses can show you 3D movies via your Smartphone.Branded Mini Clip VR G..

Promotional VR ABS Glasses

Promotional VR ABS Glasses securely hold your phone whilst watching 3D movies or games via your Smar..

Promotional Smart VR Glasses

Promotional Smart VR glasses are super sleek and funky way to view 3D videos via your Smartphone. ..

Promotional Cardboard VR Glasses

Promotional Cardboard VR Glasses are another of our great value items for promoting your message whi..

Promotional Menu Charger

Promotional Menu Charger promotes your products and retains your clients by allowing up to 4 Smart..

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