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Promotional Phone Adaptors

Promotional Phone Adaptors are a great giveaway item, they will be used consistently by the recipient, ensuring your brand is continually promoted after your event.

With Magellan World you can choose from a wide selection of branded phone accessories with excellent printing options at the lowest possible price.

Choose from car chargers, phone charge cables, mobile phone usb adaptors, all with a multitude of printing and other branding options.

3 in 1 braided cable is 1.2m long and has a Lighting, Micro USB and USB C.

3 in 1 Army USB Adaptor in the popular Swiss army knife style and has a great branding area.
2 in 1 braided cable is small and features a handy clip to make it very portable.

Check out the very best in branded phone accessories below:

Promotional USB Bean Mobile Phone Charger

Promotional USB Bean Mobile Phone Charger:Suitable for Iphone, Blackberry, HTCComes with a Mini USB ..

Promotional USB Booklight

USB booklight with 4 USB connectors to connect 4 devices to 1 USB input. Can be used with your compu..

Promotional ZipZip 4-IN-1 Cable

Promotional ZipZip 4-IN-1 Cable:Micro Usb. Mini Usb. Iphone 4 & 5.Abs. 11.5x2.5x0.8cm. Supplied ..

Smartphone Mobile Phone Adaptor

2 x Models, USB Adaptor with Iphone 5 Lighting, Micro USB & Iphone 4 Adaptors. Retractable Cable..

Bespoke USB Cable

A powerbank / USB cable with multiple connectors. Micro-USB and connectors for Apple devices (30-pin..

Promotional Octopus Phone Adaptor

This promotional Octopus phone adaptor just got better! It is the perfect way to promote your brand ..

Promotional Multi Charger

Multiple USB All in One Charger Adapter. Contains 8 Pin Iphone 5, 30 Pin Iphone 4, Micro Usb, Mini U..

Mobile Phone Charger Cable Set

Grippy Mobile Phone Holder Suitable for All Mobiles,With Integral Card Reader & Charger Adaptors..

Multiple USB Adaptor

Compliant for iPod, iPhone, iPad & Other Smart Phones. iPhone 5 with Double 9 Pin. Used for Char..

Multi Connector USB Power Device

 USB Hub in White. White Plastic Housing. Equipped with 4 Ports. Enables the Connection of Mult..

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