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Dag Heward-Mills

Dag Heward-Mills

The Background

Dag Heward-Mills started his life as Pastor in Ghana in the early 80's. Over time his following as built up to a world wide organisation of over 1500 branches in 66 countries.

The Pastor created the Lighthouse Chapel, a beacon of light for Christians throughout Africa eager to hear his wisdom and teachings.

Spreading the word of God through evangelism started by simple word of mouth but by the 90's the need to send the gospel message required a more efficient means. This is where Magellan World stepped in to step up the distribution of his inspirational message to a wider congregation.


The Challenge

We needed to package the teachings into one pack that could be sent out to the four winds of the African continent.

It was to be called the Machaneh - a complete guide for Ministers in the field on how to spread the word of the God through Pastor Dag's insight and conviction.


The Solution

Magellan designed a bespoke pack of materials Using CD's and printed guides - it all fits into one pack for compact, secure and easy reference.

The Results

Machaneh distributed to the Worldwide congregation of Dag Ministries

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